The Caracara Trails: Building and Bridging a Community Together

Imagine 428 miles of nature and culture at the reach of your fingertips–or in this instance, your feet. The Caracara Trails are just that; a plan to build and connect trails in Brownsville to create a 428-mile network that not only attracts locals, but people around the country as well.

Texas is a huge place, so there are so many incredible things to do in Brownsville. Simply because of its size, nearby cities can often get ignored. With the Caracara Trail, we plan to change that.

Healthy Living as a Community

The Caracara Trails will not only leverage on, but promote a healthy lifestyle in the Brownsville and much of the Lower Rio Grande Valley community.

The Caracara Trails encompass such a wide area of Cameron County. Because of this, there is bound to be easy access for anyone interested in visiting the trails or wishing to kickstart their healthy lifestyle in Brownsville and its surrounding areas.

In return, the Caracara Trails are meant to create a sense of community and boost the local economy by interconnecting different historic, natural, and commercial sites–making the Caracara Trails more than just a local community emblem, but a tourism magnet, too.

From Cameron County to the U.S.

We know Brownsville has gorgeous architecture and is vibrant with colors and culture, and the Caracara Trails are meant to showcase these.

With South Padre Island and its surrounding areas already being somewhat of a national tourist attraction, the Caracara Trails aim to attract a wider variety of tourists and guide them towards the amazing things Brownsville and Cameron County has to offer, placing the Lower Rio Grande Valley right under the spotlight.

In this manner, tourists will not only focus on one section of the county, but are more likely to spread out and explore.

Making it Happen

The Caracara Trails are still in the process of coming to life. However, a lot of the main components we need to achieve this vision are already there.

As part of the big Caracara Trails project, there are six catalyst trail projects that will set the groundwork for the bigger trail network:

  • Arroyo-Resaca Hike and Bike Segment
  • Bahia Grande Trail Segment
  • Battlefield Extension Trail Segment
  • South Padre Island Trail Segment
  • Arroyo Colorado Paddling Trail Segment
  • Laguna Madre (U.S. Bicycle Route) Segment

As part of the Caracara Trails project–and in addition to our six catalysts–the Queen Isabella Causeway Project would provide the trail network with a dedicated, barrier-protected bike and pedestrian lane with an additional access route between Port Isabel and South Padre Island.

All in all, the Caracara Trails are a project that has only been possible thanks to the joint work of The City of Brownsville, the National Parks Service, and the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, along with many of its neighboring towns and cities. Once complete, extensions and all, the Caracara trails will comprise 230 miles of multi-use trails, 120 miles of U.S. Bicycle Routes, and 78 miles of paddling trails.

The Caracara Trails are a project for the community and we cannot wait to welcome you all to the natural beauty of Brownsville!

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